Top Ten Tuesday – Immediate Book Hooks

April 18, 2017 Bonnie Top Ten Tuesday 1 Comment

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I add a lot of books to my TBR at the drop of a hat. This week’s topic is all about those special things about a book that cause me to add them a bit faster the normal.

Magical Realism

 photo magical realism_zpsuhskmwm2.jpg

Ever since I fell in love with Sarah Addison Allen I’ve been mad for more magical realism stories. I love how magical realism can be found in the widest of genres.

Foodie Fiction

 photo foodie fiction_zpshhviiwij.jpg

If there is a single mention of a bakery, a kitchen, or a cupcake then you bet your ass I’ll be adding it.

Time Travel

 photo time travel_zpsmfoayrma.jpg

Stories with time travel make up a majority of my favorite books.

Southern Gothic/Country Noir

 photo country noir_zpszweqmhvt.jpg

If there’s a trailer on the cover or some mention of cooking meth in a basement, I’ll probably want to read it.

Tudors (or Philippa Gregory, really)

 photo tudors_zpsndafgqge.jpg

There’s just something about those crazy royals that I thoroughly enjoy reading about.


 photo zombies_zps7igjs31s.jpg

I’m a huge fan of anything post-apocalyptic but add in zombies and I will absolutely be reading it.


 photo ghosties_zpsdzevxy01.jpg

I read a lot of horror but nothing freaks me out quite like a good ghost story.


 photo downton_zpsa3zgka7d.jpg

Similar to my obsession with the Tudors. Apparently, I like reading about snooty rich people.

Dual Timelines

 photo dual timelines_zpsbr2fpwbf.jpg

Finding random relics that link to some mysterious story from the past? I’m all ears.

Plagues and Pandemics

 photo plagues_zpsnsqurxsn.jpg

Weird, right? I don’t know what it is about this subject matter but it makes me crazy obsessed.

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