Author: Vicki Pettersson

Early Review – Swerve by Vicki Pettersson

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I received this book free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Early Review – Swerve by Vicki PetterssonSwerve on July 7th 2015
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
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In the electrifying tradition of Dean Koontz and Gillian Flynn comes the first riveting psychological thriller from the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author!
It’s high summer in the Mojave Desert, and Kristine Rush and her fiancé, Daniel, are en route from Las Vegas to Lake Arrowhead, California, for the July Fourth holiday weekend. But when Daniel is abducted from a desolate rest stop, Kristine is forced to choose: return home unharmed, but never to see her fiancé again, or plunge forward into the searing desert to find him…where a killer lies in wait.

One road. One woman. One killer.

Sprinting against the clock, and uncertain if danger lies ahead or behind, Kristine must blaze an epic path through the gaudy flash of roadside casinos, abandoned highway stops, and a landscape rife with horrors never before imagined. Desperate to save her doomed husband-to-be, Kristine must summon long forgotten resources if she’s to go head-to-head against this unpredictable killer. And she’d better hurry. Because she only has twenty-four hours…to make one hell of a trip.

‘The heat haze shimmers atop the road, as if what lies behind me is something I just made up. Like my whole life has been a dream, but now I’ve been jolted awake.

Just in time to watch it all fall away.’

On their way to visit her future mother in law for the Fourth of July weekend, Kristine and her fiancé Daniel stop at a rest stop for her to change her clothes where she gets attacked in a bathroom stall. Never seeing her attacker but being knocked out, she awakens frantic to get to Daniel only to find he’s gone missing. Her mysterious attacker calls her, instructs her to get in the car and leave or else he’s going to hurt Daniel. Furious with her inability to help him, she does get in the car and drive away with the sounds of Daniel’s screams still echoing through the phone. But this mystery person that goes by the name of Malthus is far from done with her and the next 24 hours of her life becomes a nightmare thrill-ride through hell and back again.

I’ve read my fair share of “nail-biters” but very rarely has every. single. page. caused a permanent look of complete and utter panic on my face. I absolutely could not tear myself away from this one. Swerve is the very definition of “edge-of-your-seat”.

Swerve reminded me a lot of Phone Booth, where Kiefer Sutherland Malthus knows all about Kristine and the past that still haunts her and is completely using it against her to make her life a living hell. Since the majority of this novel was spent on the highway on the road trip to hell, it had definite shades of Duel as well to make it extra terrifying. It also helps that the bad guy is completely batshit insane and the things he’s capable of doing with a smile still on his face will horrify you. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Swerve is an explosive horror-thriller that is constant and unrelenting. It was horrifying and sickening and I am never stopping at a fucking rest stop again as long as I live. Or at least not without a bazooka.