Review + Giveaway! The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

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I received this book free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review + Giveaway! The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia HandThe Last Time We Say Goodbye on February 10th 2015
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
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There's death all around us.
We just don't pay attention.
Until we do.

The last time Lex was happy, it was before. When she had a family that was whole. A boyfriend she loved. Friends who didn't look at her like she might break down at any moment.

Now she's just the girl whose brother killed himself. And it feels like that's all she'll ever be.

As Lex starts to put her life back together, she tries to block out what happened the night Tyler died. But there's a secret she hasn't told anyone-a text Tyler sent, that could have changed everything.

Lex's brother is gone. But Lex is about to discover that a ghost doesn't have to be real to keep you from moving on.

From New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Hand, The Last Time We Say Goodbye is a gorgeous and heart-wrenching story of love, loss, and letting go.

‘Time passes. That’s the rule. No matter what happens, no matter how much it might feel like everything in your life has frozen around one particular moment, time marches on.’

Lexie is an unexceptionally smart student with big dreams of going to MIT. She has a boyfriend who loves her and a group of friends she can depend on. But that was life seven weeks ago. Now? Her grades are slipping, she’s broke up with her boyfriend and she won’t talk to any of her friends. Seven weeks ago her brother killed himself. But now she’s starting to his ghost. A series of journal entries reveal the facts behind Lexie’s grief (and guilt) and the heartbreak begins anew when we are exposed to the truth of her pain.

‘I didn’t know to savor that moment on the dance floor, to understand how beautiful and rare it was, how fragile, how ephemeral, when Ty was happy. When we were all happy, and we were together, and we were safe.
I didn’t know.
I didn’t know.’

Grief comes in many forms as we all handle it in different ways. Lexie’s path of grief led her to shut everyone out and while this storyline has certainly been done before, it still managed to resonate honestly and leave a strong impression. These days, death and grief have become most common in YA novels and while it can certainly come off as a morbid fascination, the existence of these types of novels can be vital for those who don’t quite know how to handle their grief. It can serve as proof to those who have also experienced grief that they are far from alone and that there are people that can help. It’s a sad fact of life that we must all learn how to cope, heal and continue living. The Last Time We Said Goodbye is more of a cautionary tale seeing as the story is told from the surviving sister and inevitably shows the repercussions of suicide and the effects of grief but manages to still leave the reader with a facet of hope to cling to. While this is a work of fiction, the author states that she had a younger brother that killed himself which only made this all the more poignant and truly from the heart.

The Last Time We Said Goodbye is a raw and brutally honest depiction of the various sides of grief. It’s an insightful and admirable story about acceptance and forgiveness that will no doubt leave you heartsick but is an incredibly worthy read.

I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of this book from Harper Teen and now want to share this book with one of you! To be entered to win, please use the Rafflecopter widget below.

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10 responses to “Review + Giveaway! The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

  1. anne

    This novel sounds heartwrenching and emotional. This is the type of story which appeals to me since it is profound and deals with life. thanks for this great giveaway.

  2. Kristina

    I would love to get a copy of this book because it is written by one of my favorite authors, contemporary is one of my favorite genres, and I just love the premise of this book. Even though I might not win, thank you for your review and giveaway. And good luck to anyone entering the giveaway.

  3. Carol M

    I began reading YA fiction when my child was in junior high. I like to remain knowledgeable about what today’s youth finds interesting. I also like reading YA fiction for the sheer enjoyment of good story-telling. Young people don’t often realize it, but us older folks have experienced many (if not all!) the same situations they encounter today. I’ve lost several close friends and relatives to suicide over the past few decades – one a very dear friend my freshman year of college. I’m curious to see how this author treats the subject.

  4. Tess

    I loved Cynthia’s Unearthly series and was pleasantly surprised with the character development of her series. She makes you feel for the characters even when you may hate them. On a personal note, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with depression and suicide and am curious how she’ll develop the characters’ responses to the grief they’ll feel at Tyler’s death. Mental health is a very taboo subject in our society (and many others) and I’m happy that more books are being written about it (at least among the younger demographic)- maybe that’s where where the change starts.

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