Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway! The Girls of Mischief Bay (Mischief Bay #1) by Susan Mallery

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Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway! The Girls of Mischief Bay (Mischief Bay #1) by Susan MalleryThe Girls of Mischief Bay Series: Mischief Bay #1
on February 24th 2015
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback
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Susan Mallery, the New York Times bestselling author of Three Sisters, is world renowned for her "insightful, funny, and poignant" stories (Booklist). With her brand-new Mischief Bay series, she brings vivid color to the story of three friends on the brink of a new life. 

Nicole Lord wants to be a good wife, but there's a difference between being supportive and supporting her husband, who quit his job to write a screenplay she's never seen. He won't even help take care of their son, leaving Nicole to run the house and work full-time.

Sacrificing a personal life for her career is how Shannon Rigg became VP at her firm, but she wonders now whether she made the right choice. An exciting new relationship with a great guy convinces her that it might not be too late—until he drops a bombshell that has her questioning whether she really can have it all.

Although Pam Eiland adores her husband, she feels restless now that the kids are grown. Finding sexy new ways to surprise him brings the heat and humor back to their marriage, but when unexpected change turns her life upside down, she'll have to redefine herself. Again.

Through romance and heartbreak, laughter and tears, the girls of Mischief Bay will discover that life is richer with friends at your side.

About Susan Mallery

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery has won the hearts of millions of readers around the world with books described as “immensely entertaining, intensely emotional” (RT Book Reviews), “hilarious” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram), and “heartwarming” (Publishers Weekly). One major retailer recently described her as “the queen of romantic fiction.” While she deeply appreciates the accolades of critics and booksellers, Mallery is even more honored by the enthusiasm of her readers and the word-of-mouth that catapults her toward the top of the bestsellers lists time and again.

Mallery lives in not-so-sunny Seattle with her husband and a toy poodle who makes her laugh every day and who’s not even a little bit impressed by her growing fame.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Exclusive Excerpt tour for Susan Mallery’s new book and series, The Girls of Mischief Bay. Be sure to check out the full tour list below as all excerpts are in sequential order and each stop has a separate giveaway opportunity for you to win the fabulous prize pack!

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Chapter Two

Pam walked through from the garage to the main house, Lulu keeping pace with her. In the mudroom they both paused. Pam fished her small handbag out of the tote, then hung the larger bag on a hook.

The open area served as a catchall for things that otherwise didn’t have a home. There was a built-in storage unit with plenty of hooks, shelves and drawers. The latter were mostly filled with Lulu’s various clothes.

Now Pam eyed the lightweight sweater her pet wore and decided it would keep the dog warm enough until bedtime. Like the rest of the family, Lulu wore PJs to bed. Pam didn’t care if anyone laughed at her for that. She was the one Lulu cuddled next to under the covers and she wanted her dog wearing something soft when that happened.

They continued through the house to the kitchen. Pam pulled her cell out of her purse and stuck it on the side table by the hall, then checked on the Crock-Pot she’d left on that morning. A quick peek and stir confirmed the beef burgundy was coming along. She added the vegetables she’d already prepared and stirred again, then went out the front door to collect the mail.

The day had warmed up nicely. February in the rest of the country could mean snow and ice. In Southern California there was every chance it would be sunny and seventy. Today was no exception, although she would guess it was closer to sixty-five. Hardly reason to complain, she told herself as she pulled the mail out of the box and started back toward the house.

Mischief Bay was a coastal community. Tucked between Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, it had a small pier, plenty of restaurants, a boardwalk and lots of tourists. The ocean regulated the temperatures and the steady light breeze made sure there wasn’t much in the way of smog.

She and John had bought their sprawling ranch-style home ages ago. Jennifer, their oldest, had been what? Three? Pam tried to remember. If Jennifer had been three, then Steven had been a year and she’d been pregnant with Brandon.

Oh, yeah. She had been pregnant all right. There’d been the charming moment when she’d thrown up in front of the movers. Brandon had been a difficult pregnancy and she’d been nauseous a lot. Something she brought up every so often—when her son needed a little humbling. As all children did, now and then.

She paused to wait for Lulu to do her business by the bushes and studied the front of the house. They’d redone much of both yards a few years ago, when they’d had the house painted. She liked the new plants that edged the circular drive. Her gaze rose to the roof. That had been replaced, as well. One of the advantages of having a husband in construction—he always knew the best people.

Lulu trotted back to her side.

“Ready to go in, sweet pea?” Pam asked.

Lulu wagged her feathered tail and led the way. Pam glanced down at the mail as she walked. Bills, a letter from an insurance agent she’d never heard of—no doubt an ad—along with two car magazines for John and a postcard from the local high school.

Pam frowned at the postcard and turned it over. What on earth could they…?

Lulu walked into the house. Pam followed and automatically closed the door. She stood in the spacious foyer, afternoon light spilling onto the tile floor.

But she didn’t see any of that. She didn’t see anything but the stark words printed on the postcard.

Class of 2005. Fellow Cougars—save the date!! Your 10-year high school reunion is this August.

There was more, but the letters got blurry as Pam tried to make sense of the notice. A ten-year high school reunion? Sure, Jennifer had graduated in 2005, but there was no way it had been ten years, had it? Because if Jen was attending her ten-year reunion, that meant Pam was the mother of a woman attending her ten-year high school reunion.

“When did I get old?” Pam asked, her voice a whisper.

Involuntarily, she turned to stare at the mirror over the entry table. The person staring back at her looked familiar and yet totally wrong. Sure the shoulder-length dark hair was fine and the irises were still hazel-green. But everything else was different. No, not different. Less…firm.

There were lines around her eyes and a distinct softness to her jaw. Her mouth wasn’t as full as it had been. Ironically, just last November she’d turned fifty and had been so damned proud of herself for not freaking out. Because these days fifty was the new thirty-five. Big deal, right?

John had thrown a huge party. She’d laughed over the gag gifts and had prided herself for achieving the big 5-0 with grace and style. Not to mention a pretty decent ass, thanks to the three-times-a-week classes she took at Nicole’s studio. She hadn’t felt…old. But that was before she had a daughter who had just been invited to her ten-year high school reunion.

Sure, she’d had kids young. She’d married John at nineteen and had Jen when she’d turned twenty-two. But that was what she’d always wanted.

She and John had met at Mischief Bay High School. He’d been tall and sexy, a star player on the football team. His family had a local plumbing company. One that worked in new construction rather than fixing stopped-up toilets.

John’s plans had been set. He was going to get his AA in business from Mischief Bay Community College, then work in the family firm full-time. He would start at the bottom, earn his way to the top and buy out his parents by the time he was forty.

Pam had liked how he’d known what he wanted and went after it. When he turned his blue eyes on her and decided she was the one to share the journey, well, she’d been all in.

Now as she studied her oddly familiar and unfamiliar reflection, she wondered how the time had gone by so quickly. One second she’d been an in-love teenager and now she was the mother of a twenty-eight-year-old.

“No,” she said aloud, turning away from the mirror. She wasn’t going to freak out over something as ridiculous as age. She had an amazing life. A wonderful husband and terrific kids and a strange little dog. They were all healthy—except for Lulu’s ongoing issues—and successful and, best of all, happy. She’d been blessed a thousand times over. She was going to remember that and stay grateful. So what if she wasn’t firm? Beauty only went skin deep. She had wisdom and that was worth more.

Text Copyright © 2015 by Susan Macias Redmond
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.


One lucky reader will receive the California Dreamin’ Prize Package which includes the following prizes:

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An autographed copy of EVENING STARS by Susan Mallery (the first book with a character from Mischief Bay)
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65 responses to “Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway! The Girls of Mischief Bay (Mischief Bay #1) by Susan Mallery

  1. Crystal Young

    I have read a lot of her books in fact I just finished one last night “The Secret Wife”, it was a great book. The Fool’s Gold Series is my favorite.

  2. Annie

    I have only recently discovered Susan Mallery books and have so enjoyed them. I keep looking for more of them to read.

  3. Deanna Stevens

    Love, love, love Susan Mallery books! I have read all of her prior books and I have never been disappointed. Can’t wait to read this new series!

  4. Joan Ross

    yes I have read some found them very good just pre-ordered the girls of mischief bay can’t wait for them to come in should be soon yippe

  5. Regina Lopilato

    I’m looking forward to the next excerpt. It’s already sucked me in, like all of Susan’s books do.

    • This excerpt tour is really fun, isn’t it, Regina? I’m glad you’re enjoying it. A little more of a sneak peek every day. I think it’s exciting to watch the story being revealed bit by bit.

  6. Phyllis Wenzel

    I think there are only a few of Susan Mallery’s books I haven’t read but I will get to them. I haven’t found one that I haven’t like yet. This new series will rock I am sure. Can’t wait for it to release. Fool’s Gold is a definite winner, so it will different I’m sure.

  7. Jo Anne V

    Love and have read many Susan Mallery books. She is a great author! Her Fools Gold series is one of my favorites

  8. Georgine Dorman

    I have read and own most of Susan’s books. The Blackberry Island series have been my favorite so far. I have also read most of the Fools Gold series. I also own the cookbook for the Fools Gold.

    • Fans of the Blackberry Island books will love Mischief Bay, Christine. 🙂 They’re very similar in tone, and the books will explore all of the relationships that are important in women’s lives.

    • Oh, I love writing Christmas books! Just love immersing myself in the holiday while I write. I try to time it so that I’m writing them during the holidays, too. For example, this past Christmas season, I wrote MARRY ME AT CHRISTMAS, which will be out later this year.

  9. Laura

    I haven’t read any of Susan Mallery’s books yet but I am pleased to have found her. Looking forward to reading all of her books.

  10. Susan T.

    I haven’t read any of Susan Mallery’s books before but I’m excited about this one. Maybe because I’m “cougar” age now. Lol! I definitely identify more with the women in this story than I would have several years ago.

  11. Nancy Sallans

    I haven’t read a Susan Mallery book that I haven’t loved. I feel like I’m right there with the characters from the very beginning of the book. I’m anxious for a “new” adventure.

  12. Brenda Rumsey

    I love reading Susan’s books and encourage everyone who hasn’t to give one a try. Her style of writing brings the story to life. Congrats Susan on your soon to be released new series.

  13. Dixie-Lee Campbell

    Enjoyed the latest Excerpt #2 for Girls of Mischief Bay. Presently reading Two of a Kind a Fool’s Gold novel and enjoying it very much.

  14. JudyV

    I have read almost all of Ms Mallery’s books and love the story lines and characters. Each character is like part of the family. Fool’s Gold is the perfect small town.

  15. LSUReader

    I’ve read a lot of Susan’s books–too many to name! I’m currently enjoying the Fool’s Gold series. Thanks for the post and giveaway.

  16. Diane Sallans

    I’ve read a lot of Susan’s books – especially love the series like Fool’s Gold and LoneStar Sisters.

  17. Elizabeth Newsome

    This is the first I have heard of her – but I’m going to go check out some of her titles and see which ones I want to add to my reading list!

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