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I found this Book Tag by way of Jessie at Ageless Pages Reviews who found it posted by Lindsey at Bring My Books (who also created these graphics!).

I am the absolute worst at reading book summaries. I look at the cover, I look at reviews, I do a scan of the genres it has been shelved as, and sometimes I’ll do a brief scan of the summary. But rarely. Which is why I do a whole lot of TBR purges where I go through my digital tbr shelves and force myself to read the summaries. I can’t tell you how many books end up getting removed because of how god awful they sound. lol

These days I’m all about my Kindle. I love the convenience of having all my books on the go and they’re typically cheaper. (Getting midnight pre-orders is pretty fun too!) In recent years I’ve become a massive audiobook listener and I have a few narrators I particularly love… I don’t have an Audible membership though so if I really want a book on audio I’ll get it from the library.

I definitely don’t write in my books! I take a lot of notes while reading (quotes, thoughts, etc.) for review purposes but I always have a tiny notebook on hand to scribble on. Now that I think about it though, I have a few (mostly Non-Fiction/History) books that I highlighted special passages. But writing, no. And definitely no dog-eared pages.

I’m not sure if it’s my favorite but one that I remember most vividly.

I have a massive book spreadsheet that I started keeping last year for a more detailed accounting of all the books I read. I track gender but I can’t say it determines whether it’s the next book I read or not, I just like to see at the end of the year how the percentages fall.

Nope, never. If the ending got spoiled for me I probably wouldn’t even want to keep reading.

I’m all about the organized shelves. I just recently picked up another bookshelf so I was able to bring the majority of my collection out of boxes. I reorganized all my books, did a massive purge, and ended up with a lovely collection in alphabetical order of just my unread books (and some favorites that have spilled over from my other shelf.)

I have a smaller shelf where I keep most of my favorites and the occasional ARC since the majority of my ARCs are digital. I’m almost too practical when it comes to keeping books… if I read one from my collection and it’s not one I could ever see myself re-reading then it ends up in the pile to take to my used bookstore.

I’ve added plenty to my digital TBR without reading the summary (as I already admitted to lol) but bought one because of the cover alone? Nah. I’m pretty picky with my purchases.

When the weather is nice, I do like to sit on my balcony. My kitties love to be able to “come outside” and lay in the sun. When the weather is not nice I love to curl up in bed or on the couch with a cup of tea. 🙂



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  1. So many fun questions. I love reading outside when it’s nice. I never write in my books. I prefer books on my Kindle, easier to store. I get bored reading synopsis and I don’t often read them. I love audiobooks but I don’t have an audible account either. I get most of my audiobooks from the library.

  2. Bonnie! We’re like the opposite. Whodathunkit?
    I – Always the blurb! Power to the blurbs people.
    N – Ain’t nothing like a hardcover.
    S – Hells yes. You know, you’ve seen it. I’m a book ruiner 🙂
    I – Toni Morrison is my undisputed queen of first lines. My fave is probably from Paradise: “They shoot the white girl first.” I mean, how do you not just devour that.
    D – Nope.
    E – Never ever ever EVER.
    O – Muahaha, chaos master.
    U – Toats, and I’d do it again.
    T – I will read in any and all places. Just you try and stop me.

  3. Ooh I do love Kindle for the ease/lack of weight but I just love the feel of a physical book. I also read faster with print copies? Life is weird, man.

    I am also a note-taker sometimes. When I have a blog tour or a historical with a lot of related families, I almost always take notes. Easier to keep things straight!

    I am a self-spoiler but I feel you on this. If anyone else does I get PIIIIISSSSED.

    I am enjoying your answers for these tags, Bonnie 🙂
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