Monthly Rundown: August 2015

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I’m a little late with this one since we’re already well on our way into September, however, I was a little absorbed with Queen of Shadows and couldn’t be bothered to do much. ? I definitely had a less productive month than the last but life things got in the way (and a brief illness) but it is what it is. I only finished 10 books (compared to last months 21) and only reviewed 6 (compared to last months 16). ????

Here are the cover shots of all books reviewed and the breakdown of the best and the worst.

Best of the Month: Tie! Two   reads this month.
Replay by Ken Grimwood & The Uninvited: A Novel by Cat Winters
(Replay) Don’t you love it when a book sits forever gathering dust on your shelves and you finally pick it up and it’s wonderful? I was so pleased with this one and so glad I finally made the time for it.
(The Uninvited) This was a solid 4 star read for the majority of the story but the ending was so lovely and so surprising that I had to give it full marks.

Least Favorite: The Sparrow Sisters: A Novel by Ellen Herrick
I had some pretty high hopes for this one since I’ve been itching for a Sarah Addison Allen type book, but I didn’t find the solution to that itch here.

Biggest Surprise: Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans
I’m a sucker for WWII books but this was so unlike any I had ever read before. The dark humor only made this more appealing to me.

Biggest Disappointment: Love Lies Beneath: A Novel by Ellen Hopkins
I cannot even begin to describe the disappointment here. Ellen Hopkins is one of my favorites but this was so far from what I’ve come to expect from her I’m trying to simply forgive and forget.

Reading Plans for September

Well, for starters, new bingo card!! I’ve already posted my current picks (although that’s totally likely to change).

I’m currently in the middle of The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins and A Pocket Full of Murder by R.J. Anderson which are both bingo books. Next up I’m thinking I’ll knock out my last September ARC and start working on the October ones so I can focus on Ominous October. Also have a couple of new releases that’ll be coming in from the library. Here’s what I’m hoping to get to:



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