Monthly Rundown: March 2017

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Books Read = 18

So I didn’t make the hoped-for 19 books read (I read 17 in January, 18 in February… was aiming for 19 in March just to be funny.) This month also consisted of a lot of poetry collections and a few graphic novels but damn guys, this was a rough month work-wise. I worked 54 hours the week of the 20th and 68 hours the week of the 27th. Suffice it to say, by this past weekend, I was a straight-up zombie. I slept 13 hours when I got home Friday night. So all in all, I’m surprised I got anything done really.

But enough whining and onto the books! I posted reviews for 8 books and had a DNF post for pretty much 3 of the biggest anticipated releases of the year. Suffice it to say, I was not impressed. I still have yet to get back to my review books (shame) and I just recently started a Kindle Unlimited trial so I’m trying to focus on making that worthwhile… so I’ve definitely got my hands full for April!

Posted Reviews


Unreviewed Reads

I’ve gotten super lazy with my review writing. Having so little free time I’ve only wanted to spend my time actually reading. These books didn’t get reviewed this month and it may or may not get done in the future. lol



26025989Best of the Month: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher ★★★★
I don’t think I ever intended on reading this but I was intrigued by the concept of her reading the last story she’d ever tell on audio. It was beautiful and moving and now I want to read everything else she wrote in her life.

Least Favorite: Dawn of Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum ★★10733556
My expectations weren’t crazy high for this one so it’s not a massive disappointment but I thought it would be fun. It was weird, extremely gross, and … how exactly is a zombie capable of writing haiku again? lol

25657772Biggest Surprise: Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys #1) by Julia Quinn ★★★★
I’d been trying to decide on what my very first Julia Quinn book would be for years now and I finally took the plunge. This one was super adorable and I can’t wait to read more of her works.

Biggest Disappointment: Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 (Wires and Nerve #1) by Marissa Meyer ★★★29772863
There wasn’t anything terribly wrong with this one but I didn’t much care for the artwork and the characterization for everyone was weirdly off. The plot itself was actually very intriguing though (plus, I love Iko) and I’ll pick up the next one for that reason alone.



6 responses to “Monthly Rundown: March 2017

  1. I started out strong but I didn’t read at all during Spring Break and I enjoyed the break. I will have to go read your review for the KMM.

  2. 19 book is AMAZING by any standards.. but with working that much… that’s really impressive. Damn! Go, Bonnie!
    Oooh Kindle Unlimited seems super dangerous for people without impulse control. Aka me. I’ll be curious to know how it works for you 🙂

    I plan to read Carrie Fisher’s books. I really do and have for a while. It just too soon! I would tear up. I’m a sap. But I am really glad to see it as a Best Book for you.

    If you enjoy Julia Quinn, def try her Smythe-Smith quartet! Super fun and charming and book two made me actually lol several times.

    Bummer about Wires and Nerve. I was a nit leery when I learned Iko was getting a graphic novel instead of a novel and because it seemed to come out so fast? Bummer all around!
    Jessie recently posted…Two Minute Review: Prisoner of Ice and Snow by Ruth LaurenMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jessie! About half of those were graphic novels and poetry collections but whatever. It was one more off my TBR so it counts, dammit. lol I get a lot of audiobook time at work for which I’m super thankful for so it could be a hell of a lot worse. I’ve read a lot of crap so far on KU. lol The selection really is few and far between.

      I’m adding that quartet to my list then! I was wondering where to go next with her so thanks!!
      Bonnie recently posted…Short & Sweet – Sweep in Peace, Feversong, Golden Dynasty,My Profile

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