Monthly Rundown: October 2015

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 I read 22 books in September!! Okay, that requires some clarification because that number is definitely deceiving. 3 were incredible short audiobooks, 4 graphic novels, and 1 short story (2 if you count the Goosebumps book which took me less than 2 hours.)

I was busy focusing on allll the scary reads in October. I didn’t accomplish quite as many as I had hoped  but I knocked out a few of those “classic horror” that I’ve been wanting to read for ages. Plus, I’ve completed 3/5 for my National Book Award challenge. I can already tell it’s going to be hard to make my pick for who should be the winner.

Here are my reviews for the month of October:

Best of the Month: The Hollow Boy (Lockwood & Co. #3) by Jonathan Stroud
I just love this series. Stroud always manages to impress me with his writing and I simply have to make time for his Bartimaeus series.

Least Favorite(s): The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson
When you put a blurb on your cover like “This book will scare the hell out of you”, well, I expect it to scare the hell out of me. It didn’t. It wasn’t terrible but definitely wasn’t what I expected.

Biggest Surprise: Welcome to Dead House (Goosebumps #1) by R.L. Stine
Sure, this was a re-read, but it’s been MANY years since I first read it. This one gets Biggest Surprise for the month because I was expecting to laugh at the cheesy ridiculousness of it but it was actually quite a lot of fun.

Biggest Disappointment: Burned (Fever #7) by Karen Marie Moning
While this one was terrible, it was definitely the biggest disappointment. The Fever series is one of my all-time favs and I just haven’t loved the path this series has gone. I’m still eagerly awaiting Feverborn though.

Reading Plans for November

I’m hoping to make my way back around to my ARC pile that I’ve been neglecting. Hoping to knock out quite a few over the next 2 months so I can start the new year off without this massive pile continuing to guilt me. Also need to finish up my last remaining bingo books! We’ll see how that goes though. I was running out of books (ha) so I went to the library and I’m currently staring at a stack of 7. Because I’m insane.



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