Monthly Rundown: September 2018

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Books Read = 17

I managed to read and review this month, yay me. haha I read a total of 17 books this month (3 of them were short stories but I’m counting them) and 5 of them managed to be review books. I ended up DNFing 5 additional review books as well because sometimes, despite your best efforts, sometimes books just don’t work out. After reading 5 and DNFing 5 others, my review pile is in a much more manageable state. I actually cleaned up all of my October review books (which is great since I’m all about the horror at the moment!) How did you guys do this month?

Posted Reviews

Unreviewed Reads


Rapid Reviews – Foundryside, Diamond Fire, Night and Silence, Magic TriumphsBest of the Month: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett ★★★★★
I don’t know why I went into this one with the lowest of expectations, but sometimes it can be hard to fall in love with the first installment of a fantasy series, especially when there’s so much worldbuilding involved. Bennett did an amazing job of bringing the world, characters, and a thrilling story to life. Sure this is a chunk of a book but such a great read you’ll be dying for the next installment!

Least Favorite: Dirty Angels (Dirty Angels #1) by Karina Halle ★★18281528
I read and loved Halle’s Artist’s trilogy, where Javier is first introduced, but the introduction to his own spinoff trilogy was very clearly not for me. Halle posts all sorts of trigger warnings about her books and openly admits that her books are dark and violent and not for everyone… but I read dark stories. Dark stories can still be fascinating… but this? Ehh. Just seemed gratuitous and the romance was an eye roll.

Biggest Surprise: Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them by Jennifer Wright ★★★★★
I picked this one up as an Audible daily deal and while I’m an odd ball and am fascinated by plagues and diseases, I didn’t expect to like this one quite as much as I did. Jennifer Wright’s sense of humor was a fantastic pairing with the more gruesome aspects. Super informative and never dry, Gabra Zackman’s narration was a joy to listen to.

Biggest Disappointment: Wildcard (Warcross #2) by Marie Lu ★★39508596
Warcross was all sorts of fun and I had been looking forward to this release all year. I was worried that because I hadn’t taken the time to do a re-read that I’d be missing out on remembering certain things but Wildcard went a completely different route than I anticipated and I was honestly quite bored the entire time. Which is strange because that’s how I felt about the last Marie Lu series finale… suspicious.



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  1. You really got it done this month! I am not so on top of things. I abandoned Dirty Angels, it didn’t have much of what I love about Halle’s writing. I can’t wait to check out Sadie and Foundryside (I discovered the author because of you, as I mentioned, but you also introduced me to Ilona Andrews).

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