Recommended Reading 101: Forbidden Love

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Taking classes and getting excited for the assigned reading was always my favorite part of school. Using that same concept and turning different genres, locations, and subjects into a course of their own, you could come up with your own assigned reading. These would be my picks for recommended reading, what would yours be?

Forbidden Love 101

8179495If you’re looking for something literary and brutally honest…

A chance encounter with a stranger leads a woman to question everything about herself, her marriage, and her life. Love in Mid Air was beautifully written and hopeful tale of life continuing even when you didn’t think it could.


If you’re looking for something in verse…

Triangles bounces between three female characters all dealing with mid-life crisis clichés but Hopkins gives each an enthralling complexity in her first adult novel.


If you’re looking for a complex tragedy…

Indiscretion is full of characters that most will fail to sympathize with but their story will enrapt you. Dubow’s writing reads much like Fitzgerald and its sultry rhythm will be the highlight of this tale.

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