Recommended Reading 101: Magical Realism

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Taking classes and getting excited for the assigned reading was always my favorite part of school. Using that same concept and turning different genres, locations, and subjects into a course of their own, you could come up with your own assigned reading. These would be my picks for recommended reading, what would yours be?

Magical Realism 101

If you’re looking for mythology + magical realism…

Bone Gap is the gorgeously written retelling of the abduction of Persephone myth. It’s cryptically written but it’s also fanciful and unconventional. Mythology + Magical Realism + Romance = Bone Gap. There’s a reason this was a National Book Award finalist in 2015.

If you’re looking for horror + magical realism…

Perfume is the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a boy born with an astonishing sense of smell. He grows up and becomes an apprentice to a master perfumer who teaches him the art of making perfume. His desire to create the ultimate perfume takes him down a very dark path. This remains one of my all-time favorite reads.

If you’re looking for romance + magical realism…

Sarah Addison Allen was my first introduction into the sweeter form of magical realism and I adore everything she’s written. Sugar Queen, the story of Josey Cirrini who has an insatiable sweet tooth, is my favorite of hers. Romance + fairy godmother + delicious sweets = a most delectable tale.

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