Recommended Reading 101: Outer Space

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Taking classes and getting excited for the assigned reading was always my favorite part of school. Using that same concept and turning different genres, locations, and subjects into a course of their own, you could come up with your own assigned reading. These would be my picks for recommended reading, what would yours be?

Outer Space 101


If you’re looking for something thrilling with a fantastic romance…

Fortune’s Pawn is the first in a Sci-Fi trilogy that would appeal to anyone with a love of Urban Fantasy. Very much “sci-fi lite” for anyone who, like me, doesn’t often read science fiction. Devi Morris is an unforgettable character that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

If you’re looking for a space survival story with a sense of humor…18401393

After Mark Watney gets stranded on Mars he’s forced to figure out how to be the first person to grow potatoes on Mars to survive. This is far more humorous than I make it sound. Mark is an insane (yet hilarious) story of survival.


If you’re looking for something imaginative, bizarre, sexy, fascinating… (you get the picture)

Saga is honestly one of the strangest graphic novels I’ve ever read what with the strange torso-less people and the people with TVs for heads. There’s also a war going on and two soldiers from opposing sides fall in love.



11 responses to “Recommended Reading 101: Outer Space

  1. I lovelove Fortune’s Pawn! That series was excellent. I wish she would write more in that universe.

    The Martian was also excellent. I loved Watney’s humor (“How can Aquaman control mammals?!”) and even mostly understood the science-y bits.

    Sooo I guess I need to read Saga next. I am not big on graphic novels but I am slowly trying to get into them more. It does sound SUPER weird but… my threshold for weird can be pretty high.
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    • Yes, that would be great. I still have to get around to the Eli Monpress series though.. hopefully this year.

      That’s the bit I liked the most… it delved deep into the science but it never made me feel like a moron.

      Saga is DEFINITELY weird and doesn’t seem like something I would normally even like but it works.
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