Recommended Reading: Stories in Verse

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Taking classes and getting excited for the assigned reading was always my favorite part of school. Using that same concept and turning different genres, locations, and subjects into a course of their own, you could come up with your own assigned reading. These would be my picks for recommended reading, what would yours be?

Verse 101

I’m going to an event to see Ellen Hopkins today so in celebration of this exciting event, I’m sharing a few of my favorite stories in verse!

2241059If you’re looking for a coming-of-age story in verse from one of the very best…

Identical is about Kaeleigh and Raeanne, twins, that seem to have the perfect life but their secrets run dark and deep. It deals with a lot of issues: self-harm, bullying, drug abuse, and rape just to mention just a few. Hopkins carefully layers each issue within the tale without making it feel excessive. This is one of Hopkins’ best and has a most unforgettable twist.

753028If you’re looking for some free verse poetry about the deceased of a fictional town…

Spoon River Anthology was such an amazingly fun read, delving into the history of the residents of Spoon River and usually how they each met their death. More along the lines of poetry but highly recommended for those of you that haven’t found any poetry collections that actually work for you. This one is for you.

Short & Sweet – Half-Blood Prince, The Rose and the Dagger, The Lover’s DictionaryIf you’ve read a ton of verse, but are looking for something different…

Lover’s Dictionary is a gorgeous little story that is told verse-like but is actually a series of dictionary definition entries. It’s emotional and moving and show every facet that love entails — the good and the bad. It’s a powerful little book so be prepared to feel things.

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