Short and Sweet Review – The Thief (The Queen’s Thief, #1) by Megan Whalen Turner

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Short and Sweet Review – The Thief (The Queen’s Thief, #1) by Megan Whalen TurnerThe Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
Series: The Queen's Thief #1
Published by HarperCollins on September 10, 2009
Pages: 236
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Format: eBook
Source: Library


The king's scholar, the magus, believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure. To attain it for his king, he needs a skillful thief, and he selects Gen fro, the king's prison. The magus is interested only in the thief's abilities.

What Gen is interested in is anyone's guess. Their journey toward the treasure is both dangerous and difficult, lightened only imperceptibly by the tales they tell of the old gods and goddesses.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in my review of this but after a full 24 hours I still don’t have much. I’ve heard wonderful reviews about this ‘series’, not this book in particular, so I was always interested in finally reading it and seeing what my personal thoughts were. Truthfully, I was pretty disappointed with this book and would have given it 2 stars if the writing wasn’t so engaging and continued to keep me interested.

Luckily, I’d say about 2/3 of the way through the book something finally starts happening. I’m not going to do my little blurb on the storyline because the Goodreads summary will suffice and I don’t want to give too much more away anyways. I’ll probably go back and update this after I’ve read more in the series since I’ve been advised to not give up if you were even slightly disappointed by this one.

Update: Oh yes, yes, yes. If you had the same issues as I had with The Thief, the rest of the series is an absolute gem and should not be missed out on.


2 responses to “Short and Sweet Review – The Thief (The Queen’s Thief, #1) by Megan Whalen Turner

  1. I read this last week or so and felt the same way. I started reading book two and it is LOADS better than the first. I only stopped reading it because I have a lot of studying to do:) I’ll continue again when I’m done. Anyway, you should definitely keep going as I bet you’ll feel the same way.

    • Bonnie Regan

      I’m really glad, because yeah book 1 wasn’t really anything fabulous… I’ll be starting book 2 soon!

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