Showcase Sunday (93) + My New Coblogger!

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Hello everyone! I had a pretty alright week. It’s finally starting to get cool at nights which has caused me to become addicted to snuggling up on the couch with Netflix. October 1st has come and gone — anyone else glued to Gilmore Girls? I had never seen the first season (and I’m not sure if I ever the saw second season either) so this has been fun to re-experience it from the very beginning. As far as books go, I got two review books and a library audiobook I’ve been really looking forward to.

(TLC Book Tours) Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes #2) by Anthony Horowitz {Purchase}
(Netgalley) The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick {Purchase}
(Library) Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2) by Jim Butcher {Purchase}

But the best news this week? I officially have a coblogger!

Hi. My name is Dani. By day, I am your average cubicle drone, but in my heart, I am and always have been an adventurer. Here are a few random things about me:

  • I’m one of those awful people who treats her dog like a child.
  • I am an incredibly proud auntie.
  • When I’m not working or reading, I take to the road drinking in all the beauty that is the West Coast (ahem, best coast).
  • I think Tuesdays should not be reserved for tacos. Every day is a good day for tacos.
  • I love taking pictures. Photography is right up there with reading as far as personal bliss goes, and at times, it can be equally as frustrating.
  • I consider myself a collector – not the creepy kind of collecting, the awkward yet still lovable kind. I stockpile books like I am preparing to be a one-woman library after the apocalypse.
  • I am also incredibly superstitious. Around my house hang several dream catchers, totems, dried sage, horseshoes, and owls to protect me from evil spirits. Just to be on the safe side I also keep some Letharia Vulpina in a locket that either rests above my head when I sleep, or is around my neck when I hike. Yeah, that’s to ward off werewolves.

I am nervous to share my thoughts on all the things I’m reading, but I am also so excited to share in a new adventure with all of you.

You can find me online on Twitter (sometimes), Instagram (daily), Goodreads (always), and see some of my snapshots here.

Dani and I work together and we squeeze in book talk as much as possible. She’s just as nuts about books as I am, if not more, and I was so glad she accepted my invitation to join in on my blogging adventure. She’s tons of fun, an AMAZING photographer (seriously, check out the link to her snapshots above) and a really great friend so please give her a warm welcome. 🙂 Her first official review is already schedule for November but I’m trying to get her to read something creepy so she can participate in Ominous October and share her first post sooner rather than later!

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5 responses to “Showcase Sunday (93) + My New Coblogger!

  1. I’m watching Gilmore Girls too! I’m trying to be good and watch it slowly, but that’ll probably change when I have a little free time. 🙂 Moriarty looks really cool, and yay for The Ghosts of Heaven.

    HI DANI! I can’t wait to read your posts! 😀

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