Six Degrees of Separation: Atonement

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Six Degrees of Separation is a literary exercise where you connect six books in whatever way makes sense to you and each month, a new book is selected as the starting point. Interested in joining in too? You can read more about it here.

This month’s pick? Atonement by Ian McEwan

It’s rare that I watch an adaptation and still read the book. It’s even rarer that I thoroughly enjoy both book and movie. Atonement is the rarity that falls into that category.

Another book + adaptation that I loved in equal measure? Winter’s Bone. This was my first Woodrell and it got all five stars. Despite loving his writing style, I have yet to pick up anything else of his.

It doesn’t make much sense to have loved a book so much yet the author’s other words remain unread. John Fowles happens to be another one of those though. The Collector got all five stars and I have yet to read anything else, yet four of his novels are gathering dust on my shelves. The Collector was a creepy story about a kidnapping, which always makes me feel weird for loving it as much as I do/did.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher is also about a kidnapping, with a whole lotta Stockholm Syndrome going on. It’s also the only book that could get me to say things like “The camel was my favorite character.”

Whenever I think of animals as characters, Syg the coyote is one of the first that pops into my head. Dark Alchemy is the first in an Urban Fantasy series is an interesting blend of alchemical mysteries and Native American folklore.

Stories regarding Native American life seem to be few and far between but Louise Erdrich can always be counted on. Round House was a National Book Award winner back in 2012 and for good reason.

Challenger Deep, another National Book Award winner, chronicles the internal struggles of living with a mental illness. The author’s son Brendan Shusterman was his inspiration behind this story.



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