Top Ten Tuesday – Immediate Book Hooks

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I add a lot of books to my TBR at the drop of a hat. This week’s topic is all about those special things about a book that cause me to add them a bit faster the normal.

Magical Realism

Ever since I fell in love with Sarah Addison Allen I’ve been mad for more magical realism stories. I love how magical realism can be found in the widest of genres.

Foodie Fiction

If there is a single mention of a bakery, a kitchen, or a cupcake then you bet your ass I’ll be adding it.

Time Travel

Stories with time travel make up a majority of my favorite books.

Southern Gothic/Country Noir

If there’s a trailer on the cover or some mention of cooking meth in a basement, I’ll probably want to read it.

Tudors (or Philippa Gregory, really)

There’s just something about those crazy royals that I thoroughly enjoy reading about.


I’m a huge fan of anything post-apocalyptic but add in zombies and I will absolutely be reading it.


I read a lot of horror but nothing freaks me out quite like a good ghost story.


Similar to my obsession with the Tudors. Apparently, I like reading about snooty rich people.

Dual Timelines

Finding random relics that link to some mysterious story from the past? I’m all ears.

Plagues and Pandemics

Weird, right? I don’t know what it is about this subject matter but it makes me crazy obsessed.



4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Immediate Book Hooks

  1. I have had The Snow Child on my TBR for years and somehow never put together that it was magical realism? That is AWESOME. I think that I will be buying it soon.

    Time travel! Yes! Between Kate Morton and Susanna Kearsley I have also become quite the fan of this since blogging. I wasn’t a huge fan of Outlander itself particularly but I do love those kind of novels a looot.

    ahaha and I go running from country noir! I can do southern gothic depending on the author but the rest is just not for me.

    GAH YES THE TUDORS. What is it about the family?? It is so fascinating. I will always read any historical fiction about them, even if its bad.

    I’m sloowly reading more zombie books! I loved TGwaTG and 2/3 books in Feed! I like the introspective AND gory zombie books more than the just horror and gore ones.

    Fun list! I have a lot of the same but I think DRAGONS would be the number one draw for me. I don’t care what kind or how big they are — if a book has as dragon I wanna read it XD
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    • The Snow Child is like fairy tale magical realism and the writing is just lovely. <3


      My mom likes to joke that I was a hillbilly in a past life. Honestly, it's the only logical explanation.

      I'm a closet Philippa Gregory fan because history peoples do love to bash on her... lol

      I absolutely prefer those types of zombie books too. People die, people get eaten, yawn. Give me an interesting story to get behind too.

      hahaha My best friend is exactly the same when it comes to dragons. I don't seek them out but if a book has a dragon I consider it an added bonus.
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