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Well, almost. The one month I allow myself to go crazy and read nothing but horror! One of these days I’ll take my bestie’s advice and do some random horror month in like March just to appease my horror needs. Or at the very least just read more throughout the year? Hmmm… or both.

I’ve been hosting Ominous October since 2014 and it’s one of my favorite things ever. This go around, I’ve realized I was quite ambitious in my picks (really long audios and a few really long books… eek.) and especially with all the crazy stuff going on life-wise, these are the ten I’d like to get around to but I’m not holding my breath about getting through the entire list. But who knows! I might turn this slump around and knock out this list and then some. 🙂 I might also just start early. lol

Ghost Story by Peter Straub (532 pages)
I’ve been slowly working my way through all the “classic” horror novels and this is one of them. I’ve heard mixed things but it’s one I’m quite excited about. I love a good ghostie story.

Hell House by Richard Matheson (302 pages)
This has honestly been on my Ominous October plans for like the last 3 years. I have been so. damn. excited. for this book… I love Matheson and I honestly have no freaking idea why I haven’t read this yet. This one is top priority!

Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three by Clive Barker (507 pages)
After thoroughly enjoying The Thief of Always and The Hellbound Heart, I quickly made it my mission to collect all the Clive Barker books. I have all three volumes of this collection that I recently was so excited to find at my used bookstore.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King (992 pages)
I’m still slowly but surely making my way through King’s catalog and I think this might be next up! Looking back over the ones I’ve loved the most and his short story collections are simply incredible.

Dark Tales by Shirley Jackson (208 pages)
The Haunting of Hill House remains one of the books that stand out in my mind that made me start loving horror at an early age. I’ve always wanted to try something else of hers and decided on this one.

The Listener by Robert R. McCammon (10h 27m)
I’ve heard nothing about rave reviews about anything and everything McCammon has written and I have yet to read a single one of them. I’m not sure if this is necessarily the best one to start with, but here goes nothing.

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas (15h 46m)
This was a completely random Audible daily deal pick up but I’m so glad I took the chance. The reviews have me most excited about this one!

Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist (16h 54m)
I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for YEARS because it looks so damn creepy but I keep insisting to myself that I need to read the book first so I figured I should knock that out one of these days.

Lair of Dreams (The Diviners #2) by Libba Bray (20h 12m)
I read (and loved) The Diviners and am currently in the middle of a re-listen because I read it waaaaaaaaay back in 2012 and knew a re-read was the most advisable thing before diving into Lair of Dreams. These are fantastic on audio, January Lavoy does an incredible joy. And boy, are they creepy.

At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft (4h 48m)
I love me some Lovecraft. Lovecraft narrated by the late Edward Herrmann? Even better.

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27 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Ominous October TBR

  1. Lovecraft narrated by Edward Hermann…? Sounds posh and verbose, like it could be great or really terrible. I started Kill Creek and was really enjoying it, but then my library loan expired and now I’m on hold again. I have high hopes.
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  2. Hope you enjoy all of these, Bonnie! They all look at little too creepy for me. 😉

    Happy fall TBR-ing, and thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit.

  3. Shameless self-promo maybe, but.. like.. if you need an excuse to read creepy reads in March, I’m hosting Monstrous March – just saying. 😉

    I’m going to try and tackle IT by Stephen King next month. Don’t know about any other creepy reads yet, since I’m not usually a horror-fan [pussy over here, sorry, haha], so we’ll see!

    Happy reading!

  4. I would be all in for some Lovecraft narrated by Hermann as well. Sounds like a perfect combo for me. I’ve read Nightmares and Dreamscapes as well as Hell House and Ghost Story, although those two were years ago. I say start early…and heck, continue all year round!

  5. Okay, I can safely say that I would read ALL of these. I actually haven’t read many of Stephen King’s story collections, just his novels, and that’s an area where I really think I’m deficient. I definitely couldn’t read nothing but horror in one month! I do love great horror, but I can’t read more than a book or two in any one genre before switching things up. Good luck!
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