Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Books I Struggled to Get Into But Ended Up Loving

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In case you were confused, yes, this is actually a real post from me. My last “real” post was June 2nd so I’ve only been absent from this space for about 3 months because, well:

Even though life isn’t completely back to normal, one of my personal goals was to really try to get back into blogging so here are the efforts of my first struggle to make that happen. lol Today’s topic is about all those books we ended up loving but it was still a rocky road to get there.

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #1) by Ilona Andrews [Purchase]
Even though I love all things Ilona, I had a bit of a struggle getting into this non-Kate Daniels world. I picked up the second one at random, not even sure that I wanted to continue the series but that changed quickly and now I’m completely hooked.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess [Purchase|Review]
This wasn’t required reading for me in school for some reason so I didn’t end up reading (actually listening) to this until 2014. It was incredibly hard to understand because of the fact that Burgess created a language which he calls Nadsat. It is a fictional language but is essentially an eclectic mix of Slavic and Russian words with a bit of gypsy swirled in and it’s incredibly hard to follow. This story is one of my reigning favorites in classics.

Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans [Purchase|Review]
You have certain expectations going into any WWII related story and most of those don’t include having a dark sense of humor. It took me a bit to catch on to the fact that it really was meant to be funny, despite the darkness the story exuded, but I absolutely adored it. Best read if you have a dark sense of humor yourself.

The Death of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell [Purchase|Review]
I very rarely seek out debut novels, nervous about taking the chance on something new, but this debut story is the reason I question my choice to branch out more. This is a pretty dysfunctional tale with many facets that is an incredibly written debut definitely worth your time.

The New Hunger (Warm Bodies #1.5) by Isaac Marion [Purchase]
Warm Bodies wasn’t a favorite of mine, and I purchased this one just because it was on sale. I was blown away by how amazing this was but confused how this could have been written by the same author. Burning World was also a bust for me as well but The New Hunger is still worth a read even if it is the only thing you read of Marion’s.

Replay by Ken Grimwood [Purchase|Review]
Despite this being released in the 80s and the fact that I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of anything time travel, I didn’t know this story existed until recently. It’s a different sort of time travel story but one well worth your attention.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt [Purchase|Review]
This story would easily be on my top ten favorite books, yet I don’t often talk about the fact it took me almost an entire month to read. It’s incredibly detailed and while it was enticing enough to keep reading, it just wasn’t doing it for me, but I persevered. Now to ask the question why I still haven’t read anything else by Tartt? Bizarre.

The Silver Wolf (Legends of the Wolf #1) by Alice Borchardt [Purchase|Review]
I’ve admittedly never been much of a fan of werewolf stories for some odd reason. Naturally, I’d make an exception for Alice Borchardt (sister of Anne Rice). She’s even more of a talented author than her famous sister.

The Uninvited by Cat Winters [Purchase|Review]
Another WWII novel on this list, but vastly different. This is one of those stories that seems like every other tragic WWII story but possesses one of the most shocking twists that I was in no way expecting. My absolute favorite novel of hers to date.

The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski [Purchase|Review]
I was incredibly excited to read this despite the fact that my expectations were low. It’s hard not to, after so many releases, not expect YA fantasy to read like the multitudes of others. It intrigued me immediately and I went on to love the entire trilogy.

What books did you struggle to get into but it’s now one of your favorites?



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  1. The Secret History! I tried to read The Little Friend after I read it and could not get into it. I do have a copy of The Goldfinch I want to get to soon though! And Clockwork Orange was definitely a struggle…but a really rewarding one!
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