Top Ten Tuesday: Top (Five) Reading and/or Bookish Goals for 2013

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Top (Five) Reading and/or Bookish Goals for 2013

1. Stop worrying so gosh darn much about my Goodreads challenge

That right there? Is a straight up day ruiner for me. I get so focused on maintaining my Challenge goal that when I get that nice little update on Goodreads it sends me into a panic and I end up spending more time panicking than actually reading. Dumb. I read 292 books last year but I’ve made my goal only 200 for this year (still a ton) so that I can (hopefully) stop freaking out so much.

2. Get back to Adult-Literature
I’m actually fairly new to the YA genre and had only read a few before I joined Goodreads in March 2011. Once I discovered how many awesome book there are in that genre it ended up being my sole focus and I lost track of all the other authors I used to read and all the fantastic adult literature being released. Not banning YA entirely, but I would like to incorporate it a lot more into my reading.

3. Catch up on some of those series
It seems like every book these days is the start of a new series. I can’t even begin to count how many series I’ve started but aren’t caught up on. I’d like to catch up on some of those series that I’ve missed this year and hopefully wrap up some of those. I’m participating in the Series Catch-Up Challenge in case you’re interested in doing the same!

4. Focus on my books I already own
My amount of owned books has been increasing exponentially as of late. I recently discovered the most amazing bookstore where every month they have what’s called a Warehouse sale. They set up an entire room full of (used) books and you can bring a cloth bag, fill it, and pay $5. I go every month and typically come home with anywhere from 15-30 books. I mean $5, I can’t resist that! So yeah, my bookshelves are packed (and the floor is developing piles) so I’d really like to spend some time on some of those this year.

5. Limit my ARC requests
This is going to be likely the most difficult goal for me because Netgalley and Edelweiss is like a drug. They post the most amazing looking books and all I have to do is click a button and send off my information and hope you give it to me? How easy is that?! I’m spending January and February focusing entirely on getting through the ARCs I have already requested so that I can start reading what I want, when I want. I have my Google calendar set up with all these due dates of when ARCs are being published and I try so very hard (and have been very good about) getting my reviews in by that date. But I want to clear my calendar. I’m sick of looking at due dates.

And this isn’t any specific goal but I just want to say: 
Blogging is supposed to be about reading good books and enjoying yourself. I can’t tell you the number of times I debated shutting my blog down last year because I was turning it into something entirely way too stressful. I didn’t set up a blog to give myself deadlines. I didn’t set up a blog so that I only read brand new upcoming books. I started a blog to share my love of reading with everyone. That doesn’t always mean it has to be an ARC or a brand new published book.

I want to get back to picking up a random book off my shelf one afternoon (or a favorite book that is dying for a re-read) without being so concerned about other books I should be reading. I want to read some of those classics that I still have yet to read (Wuthering Heights, Gone with the Wind, The Count of Monte Cristo). I want to be able to pick up those ginormous books without worrying that I could read 3 other books in the time it’s going to take me to get through the huge one.

So, this year? I’m going to relax. I’m not going to overbook my calendar or panic when I don’t have a new blog post to go out every single day. I’m going to make this fun again. 🙂

What are your Reading and/or Bookish Goals for 2013? Leave me a link to your Tuesday Post and I’ll be sure and stop by!



7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top (Five) Reading and/or Bookish Goals for 2013

  1. Jenna

    That goodreads status bar is stressful. I look at it all the time. So that is definitely a good one.
    jenn @ blog about books

  2. Lyn Kaye

    BWAHHH!! GR Challenge!! I found I was one book behind, and I freaked the f- out because of it!
    I keep telling myself it is a challenge, and it is suppose to be somewhat….challenging.

  3. Kara_Malinczak

    Great list. I really need to try and work at number one, but I doubt I will actually be successful. I’m already behind and worrying. 😉

    I try to do 4 and 5 every year. I actually started out great with this at the end of 2012. But then a bunch of ARCs I wanted came out, and it was all over.

    Still, I wish you luck. Maybe you will have more willpower than I do. 🙂

  4. Holly Letson

    I just want to say that I agree with some of what you say. I find myself laughing and saying “Just like me” at some of it.

    I know the feeling of having shelves full and piles in the floor…even extra boxes of them! I keep telling myself “I’ll read those this year.”, then I see VIZ Media’s newest bunch of mangas listed on Edelweiss, and I’m like “I want to read those!” and request 8 of them. So addictive!

    Also, I agree about reading older books instead of just new ones. Everyone is reading new ones, and it makes you feel like “They’d all think me weird and crazy, if I suddenly read a YA series from the 80s!”, so Books 2-32 and 4 Super Editions of *Couples* (an 80s romantic YA series) continues sitting on my shelf untouched.

    1 and 2 are the ones I cannot relate to. The Goodreads Progress Bar doesn’t bother me. I started my 2012 challenge on 6/19, and still read 234 books in 2012, so I probably read over 400 total last year. I set my challenge for 250 this year. And, I’m the type that cannot get into adult books.

    Thanks for the post. I saw alot of myself in it.

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