Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Disappointing Series Enders

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Top Ten Disappointing Series Enders
These are all series I have read, have loved many/most installments but they definitely fizzled out by the final book. In no particular order.
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3)
The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, #3)The Sweet Far Thing (Gemma Doyle, #3)
Have you read any of these series? Feel the same? Completely different?
What series have you finished but were left disappointed? Leave me a link and I’ll be sure to stop by your post!



12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Disappointing Series Enders

  1. Ellis

    Whoa, that must be awful, having your name on a disappointing book. The cover is supper pretty, though. I don't know if that helps… Mockingjay was a weird experience. It was definitely not as good as Catching Fire (my personal fave) but it was so abrupt. I needed more pages, I think. I was left with a general feeling of needing (something) more.

    It makes me nervous that His Dark Materials, Gemma Doyle and Vampire Academy all end on a disappointing note. I have the firsts of every one of these, but I don't like to invest in a series that might turn bad. Great list!
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  2. miss_bonnie13

    hahaha I know right? How dare they write a shitty book and put my name on it.
    Nope, Mockingjay was not as good as Catching Fire, I agree. As far as His Dark Materials and Gemma Doyle they were still good but considering how much I loved the previous installments it could have been better… if that makes sense.

  3. miss_bonnie13

    hahaha… I know. Mini-Shopaholic never should have happened and I sure hope that's the last one and we're not subjected to more.

  4. Monckingjay and Mini-Shopaholic would have definitely made it to my list of disappointments too Bonnie. The Shopaholic series has always been a favourite of mine, but with this book I seriously don't understand what the point of it was 🙁 Thanks for sharing a great list with us, there's so many books on here that I still need to read!
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  5. latenightswithgoodbooks

    I can totally understand where you're coming from with a few. I didn't even finish the Shopaholic series because I just got bored. And honestly I didn't want to read about Becky having kids and becoming domestic and all. I do understand why many people disliked the ending of The Hunger Games, although I personally really liked the ending. I do think, however, that His Dark Materials ended on a pretty high note. I loved Pullman's interpretation of the Fall and I thought the ending was so sad but really did the series justice. *shrugs* It just worked out well for me.
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  6. I don't agree with every book on your list but there's some I can relate too!!
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  7. miss_bonnie13

    That Shopaholic series should have ended a few books ago. I agree, the domestic thing didn't fit well with her personality.
    I think with The Hunger Games and His Dark Materials I loved the first two books so much that in comparison the ending wasn't as good. But they were still good. If that makes any sort of sense. lol

  8. miss_bonnie13

    Spellbound was the most disappointing of endings, ever. It did NOT need to end that way.

    Now, the thing with Mockinjay and the Libba Bray series is I did thoroughly enjoy them but it was more of an in comparison to how I enjoyed the previous installments.

    Last Sacrifice? Gosh. I know it only came out a few years ago but I couldn't honestly tell you WHY I was disappointed, I just was. lol Which sounds lame. I just can't remember!

  9. miss_bonnie13

    All of the Peeler covers were funny looking but they were pretty awesome books… at least till that last disastrous one.

    Not only did the book use my name and dare to suck but it was the 15th freaking book in the series that I had read. Talk about serious regret for reading them for so long for it to come to that.

    Hex Hall is definitely fantasy fluff. It's fun, but I prefer mine dark too.

    Catching Fire was definitely the best installment and while Mockinjay was awesome it just wasn't what I was expecting.

    Gah. Forever. They WERE an old married couple and while I didn't mind it at first but I think by the 3rd book I had had enough.

    Okay, so the Gemma Doyle series is one of my absolute favorites and while I loved the third book the ending was still one big "Noooooo!" Sad times.

    Ugh, that point in VA was bad. I hated that. I should have stopped too.

    hahaha The Luxe was like my first foray into historical fiction and I thought it was the best thing ever but that ending was the lamest of all endings.

    Yes. And that character never needed to have children. It did not fit with her personality at all. Plus, her kid was a total asshole because she was raising her to be a spoiled brat.

  10. christinamofranke

    Bahahaha, the Peeler cover. I couldn't read that. Well, if it was the best ever, then sure, but nope nope nope.

    It is sad that a series ender with your name let you down. RUDE.

    Oh, really? I've mostly only heard good things about Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall series, though it looks like such a fluffy fantasy I've resisted. I mostly like my fantasy dark.

    Mockingjay I'm of two minds about, but Catching Fire was definitely the best installment.

    Not sure about Philip Pullman, because I read through them all back to back, so I only remember the series as a whole, really.

    DNFed Forever on page four or something like that. Fuck Grace and Sam and their boring, boring selves. They're basically an old married couple at seventeen.

    Oh no, Gemma Doyle. I didn't like book one much, but I'm determined to try again, since I've been so impressed with Bray since. Curses!

    I stopped with VA at the part where Dimitri basically abducted and raped her. There's just no way I can buy an HEA after that. Sure, he's a strigoi and it's not "him," but it's his face and his body that tortured you for weeks, months, whatever. That's going to take a toll.

    The Luxe was just sort of generally disappointing, but what's to be expected from historical Gossip Girl?

    Anytime a contemporary romance goes to the children place, it's jumped the shark to disappointment land.
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  11. christinamofranke

    I hated Grace and Sam from book one. Book two was okay, because Cole and Isabel, but I just couldn't anymore. *shudders*
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