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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday post is all about those books that are well loved by you but not by too many others. What makes an underrated favorite underrated though? I went by a number system because I’m particular like that. All of these books have been rated on Goodreads by less than 2,200 people (the most on this list being 2,160 and the least being a measly 70.) Numbers don’t always mean much and 2,160 ratings may seem like a whole lot but in comparison to Fifty Shades of Grey’s 897,540 Goodreads ratings it’s not. My point in all my rambling is that all of these books deserve higher numbers. They deserve more readers and they deserve more love. So my hope is that I can get at least one of you to pick up one of these books and love it just as I do.

Sweet Nothings by Janis Thomas {PurchaseMy Review}
70 Goodreads ratings, 19 Amazon ratings
I don’t read enough fluff. Maybe if there were more books out there just like this I would. Sweet Nothings combined cutesy romance + my love of foodie fiction and I adored it.

The Beautiful Indifference: Stories by Sarah Hall {PurchaseMy Review}
398 Goodreads ratings, 5 Amazon ratings
Sarah Hall. Damn woman, but you can WRITE. This was my first read of the author and certainly won’t be my last. The Beautiful Indifference is a brilliant collection of short stories that is described as ‘unique and disturbing‘ which is completely accurate.

Wanna Get Lucky? (Lucky O’Toole #1) by Deborah Coonts {PurchaseMy Review}
643 Goodreads ratings, 65 Amazon ratings
The cover of this book did nothing for me nor did the cutesy titles or the main character’s name (Lucky? And she lives in Vegas? *snorts*) I know, I know, but this is mystery and romance and is great and was surprisingly good. And Lucky is all about the wit. Somebody should have told me that from the get go and I would have been all over this.

Mayhem (Mayhem #1) by Sarah Pinborough {PurchaseMy Review}
687 Goodreads ratings, 87 Amazon ratings
Murder mystery. Victorian. Gothic. Paranormal. I don’t know about you but that’s a winning combination for me. It even veered into ‘horror’ at times. It was so very creepy good.

Deadweather and Sunrise (The Chronicles of Egg #1) by Geoff Rodkey {PurchaseMy Review}
1,041 Goodreads ratings, 73 Amazon ratings
When I got this (as a surprise) in the mail I admittedly was leery. At the time I didn’t often read Middle Grade fiction but I ended up having so much fun with this. With an entertaining cast of characters and solid adventures, this is one for readers of all ages.

The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman {PurchaseMy Review}
1,117 Goodreads ratings, 70 Amazon ratings
This is one of the most mature and violent YA books I’ve ever read. Brutal and gruesome and 100% horror. It’s not exactly a scary novel but it will leave you shocked and stunned. I was very much impressed with Robin Wasserman’s writing and eagerly await more.

Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough {PurchaseMy Review}
1, 425 Goodreads ratings, 31 Amazon ratings
Much like Mayhem, this is full of gothic and paranormal goodness. But for Long Lankin, throw in some scary ass woods to go wandering through. There’s a follow-up to this novel that has not (yet?) been published in the US and I’m so hoping it comes our way. This is good solid horror that will leave you tingling. Perfect for Halloween, no? 🙂

Orleans by Sherri L. Smith {PurchaseMy Review}
1,498 Goodreads ratings, 46 Amazon ratings
Post apocalyptic fiction is one of my top 3 favorite genres and this is one of my favorite books of the genre. Extremely well-written and doesn’t follow the typical path that most post apocalyptic YA follows (making it all about the romance). There’s no romance. None. Shocking, right?

Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy #1) by Patricia Bracewell {PurchaseMy Review}
1,897 Goodreads ratings, 84 Amazon ratings
I love a good historical fiction but typically stick to the Tudor era. Shadow on the Crown is set in 1002 and delves into the Viking invasions in England. Anyone watch the show Vikings? Almost like that story just from the English perspective. Very interesting time period and well-written and researched. The 2nd novel, The Price of Blood, will be released in February 2015.

The Panopticon: A Novel by Jenni Fagan {PurchaseMy Review}
2,160 Goodreads ratings, 114 Amazon ratings
This is a shocking coming of age novel (but not YA) of a girl growing up in the foster care system in Scotland. There’s an extreme use of profanity which I can understand can turn some readers off but this is a powerful story that shouldn’t be overlooked.



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