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I’m all about books being made into movies, even though the book is always better. There’s just something I love about seeing words I’ve read being brought to life on the big screen. Tons of book to movie adaptations are upcoming (and a few have already released I just haven’t got around to them) so I thought I’d discuss the ones I’m anticipating most and a few that I still need to read.

Z For Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien (Movie Release: August 28th, 2015)
I only stumbled upon this title after news that it was being made into a movie. The Secret of NIMH was one of my favorite books (and movies) as a child and while this is of a completely different genre I’m highly anticipating both reading and watching this one.

Serena by Ron Rash (Movie Release: February 26th, 2015)
Anyone that follows this blog should know of my love for Southern Gothic/Country Noir. It will probably come as a surprise to all that Ron Rash is one author I have yet to delve into. Jennifer Lawrence will be starring which only makes me more anxious to make time for this one.

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith (Movie Release: November 20th, 2015)
I have several of Highsmith’s novels on my TBR but The Price of Salt and its comparisons to Lolita have me eager to make this the first of hers I read. The movie, which will be titled Carol, stars Cate Blanchett and she makes any movie amazing.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Movie Release: June 18th, 2015)
This was an absolutely incredible read that I have no doubt will be an amazing movie, especially with Charlize Theron. You can always count on Flynn for some twisted story that keeps you on your toes.

The Martian by Andy Weir (Movie Release: October 2nd, 2015)
Mark Watney is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters so I’m hoping that the film does him justice. I’m admittedly not sold on Damon being cast, however, I hope to be proven wrong.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Movie Release: November 25th, 2015)
I love anything with James McAvoy and of course I’ll watch anything with Daniel Radcliffe. This one looks to be a definite twist on the original classic.

The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave #1) by Rick Yancey (Movie Release: January 15th, 2016)
Ooooh this was a good one. But I love a good end of world story. I’m not sold on Chloë Grace Moretz in the starring role, primarily because she’s one of those actresses that is suddenly in everything, but I’m still most excited.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (Movie Release: March 4th, 2016)
I really enjoyed this story and if anyone can bring this quirky story to life its Tim Burton. And Eva Green in the starring role? Yes, yes, yes. There isn’t a movie trailer (yet) so here’s the book trailer for those unfamiliar with the book.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Movie Release: October 14th, 2016)
This book is a real heartbreaker and I expect the movie to be equally so. Another one that doesn’t yet have a movie trailer but here’s an incredibly lovely book trailer which captures some of the amazing artwork from the book.

X-Men: Apocalypse (Movie Release: May 27th, 2016)
Some may argue that this isn’t a true book adaptation but a comic/graphic novel adaptation is just as awesome. And X-Men is one of my favorites ever. And omggggggggg this looks so good.



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  1. I didn’t know that they were making Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children into a movie! I loved that book! Tim Burton is perfect for it. 🙂

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