Waiting on Wednesday – The Graveyard Apartment: A Novel by Mariko Koike

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Waiting on Wednesday – The Graveyard Apartment: A Novel by Mariko KoikeThe Graveyard Apartment: A Novel by Mariko Koike
Published by Thomas Dunne Books on October 11th 2016
Pages: 336
Genres: Horror
Format: Hardcover
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A terrifying tale of a young family who moves into an apartment building next to a graveyard, and the horrors that are unleashed upon them.

One of the most popular writers working in Japan today, Mariko Koike is a recognized master of detective fiction and horror writing. Known in particular for her hybrid works that blend these styles with elements of romance, The Graveyard Apartment is arguably Koike’s masterpiece. Originally published in Japan in 1986, Koike’s novel is the suspenseful tale of a young family that believes it has found the perfect home to grow into, only to realize that the apartment’s idyllic setting harbors the specter of evil and that the longer they stay, the more trapped they become.

This tale of a young married couple who harbor a dark secret is packed with dread and terror, as they and their daughter move into a brand new apartment building built next to a graveyard. As strange and terrifying occurrences begin to pile up, people in the building start to move out one by one, until the young family is left alone with someone... or something... lurking in the basement. The psychological horror builds moment after moment, scene after scene, culminating with a conclusion that will make you think twice before ever going into a basement again.

About Mariko Koike

Mariko Koike graduated from the Department of Literature at Tokyo’s Seikei University, then worked as an editor at a publishing firm before quitting to become a freelance writer. In 1978 her essay collection Chiteki akujo no susume (On Being an Intellectual Woman of the World) was a huge bestseller, and overnight she became a darling of the mass media. She subsequently turned to fiction, making her debut as a novelist in 1985. She won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Short Stories in 1989 for her collection Tsuma no onna tomodachi (My Wife’s Girlfriends). Though she initially established herself as a master of horror and suspense, her writing style underwent a transformation during the nineties as she began producing love stories influenced by the work of Yukio Mishima, including Mubansō (tr. A Cappella), Koi (Love; winner of the 1995 Naoki Prize), and Yokubō (Desire; winner of the 1998 Shimase Award for Love Stories), often referred to as her “love trilogy.” She was awarded the Shibata Renzaburō Award in 2006 for her novel Niji no kanata (Beyond the Rainbow), the MEXT Award for the Arts in 2012 for Ichijiku no mori (Fig Forest), and the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for Literature in 2013 for Chinmoku no hito (The Silent One). Besides having a very deep backlist of top-notch entertainments, she is also known as a master of the short story and has published many collections, including Minazuki no haka (June Grave) and Yoru no nezame (Waking in the Night). She is married to fellow writer Yoshinaga Fujita.

This is an old one (originally published in 1986) that is only just now being translated and made available in the United States. Sounds damn creepy though and extremely good.

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?


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