Waiting on Wednesday – Ultraluminous: A Novel by Katherine Faw

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Waiting on Wednesday – Ultraluminous: A Novel by Katherine FawUltraluminous: A Novel by Katherine Faw
Published by MCD on December 5th 2017
Pages: 176
Genres: Contemporary
Format: Hardcover
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Also by this author: Young God, Ultraluminous: A Novel

Girlfriend. Prostitute. Addict. Terrorist? Who is K?

Ultraluminous, the daring new novel from Katherine Faw, the brilliant author of Young God, follows one year in the life of a high-end, girlfriend-experience prostitute. She has just returned to her native New York City after more than a decade abroad—in the capitals of Asia and the Middle East, her last stop Dubai, with a man she recalls only as the Sheikh—but it’s unclear why exactly she’s come back. Did things go badly for her? Does she have scores to settle?

Regardless, she has quickly made herself at home. She’s set up a rotation of clients—all of them in finance, and each of whom has different delusions of how he is important to her. And she’s also met a man whom she doesn’t charge—a damaged former Army Ranger, back from Afghanistan, and a fellow long-time heroin addict.

Her days are strangely orderly: a repetition of dinners, personal grooming, museum exhibitions, sex, Duane Reades (she likes the sushi), cosmology, sex, gallery shows, heroin, sex, and art films (which she finds soothing). The pattern is comforting, but does she really believe it’s sustainable? Or do the barely discernible rifts in her routine suggest that something else is percolating under the surface? Could she have fallen for one of her bankers? Or do those supposed rifts suggest a pattern within the pattern, a larger scheme she’s not showing us, a truth that won’t be revealed until we can see everything?

I read this author’s debut, Young God, back in 2015 and it was all sorts of crazy grittiness. It’s certainly one that works for only certain readers but it’s one I haven’t managed to forget about. I look forward to seeing if this one is just as unforgettable.


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